Charity Funding

AngloSverige recognises that charity funding in the form of cash hand outs to the needy & vulnerable may not solve the underlying issues and, perhaps, can even make matters worse. AngloSverige Charity Funding business was initially setup to help Swedish farmers survive the onslaught of unnecessary regulatory costs associated with the EU bureaucratic machinery. It was noted that once the small holder farms were no longer viable, involving relatively small amounts of money, they became trapped in a slow trend towards insolvency and despondency. Once they gave up, the knock-on effect to the local community was enormous and inflicted a self perpetuating decline on the surrounding area.

AngloSverige designs innovative instruments and programmes to solve seemingly impossible conundrums with regards to vulnerable members of the community exposed to the unruly discipline of market forces. However, unlike some revolutionary counterparts that solely blame the private sector and support its overthrow, AngloSverige acknowledges the vibrancy of the private sector and seeks to harness and divert that energy & talent towards solving the problems of the needy & disenfranchised.

In our case studies, we provide empirical proof that an innovative social welfare programme really can produce a profit, enhance the community & increase Local & Govt tax revenue all from the *Magic Money Tree* (that they claim doesn’t exist), truly *making the world a better & more efficient place*.